You must purchase a membership and create an account before registering for a tournament. Tournament registration is not visible until you are logged into your account after purchasing a membership. Both anglers must purchase a membership. If you have any website difficulties, would like help, or prefer to register by phone we are more than happy to assist. Please call Lauren @ 772.530.8926.
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      Membership is open to anyone that would like to support our mission to provide a gateway for anglers that share an appreciation of sport fishing and the preservation of our coastal environment to compete in competitive fishing tournaments. This is an annual membership.

      Members will receive exclusive access to our PRL Member discount hub.


      Team Event Regular: $200 per angler + $8 Connivence Fee

      Excalibur Tour: $500 per angler* + $20 Connivence Fee

      *Excalibur Memberships must be paid together

      Ladies: $100 per angler + $4 Connivence Fee

      Kayak: $100 per angler + $4 Connivence Fee

      One Man: $250 per angler + $10 Connivence Fee


      Please note that all anglers participating in Professional Redfish League fishing events must be members. Membership dues are assessed annually.

      All membership are non-transferable and nonrefundable. 


      Q: Who is eligible to be a part of the Professional Redfish League?

      A: Everyone! We are excited to offer this membership to anyone that would like to support our mission and participate in our events.

      Q: How do I access membership benefits?

      A: All benefits can be accessed via To use the benefits you must be logged in. Click on the benefits link associated with each one and follow the instructions.

      Q: Will more benefits be added in the future?

      A: We are always partnering with additional organizations and will continue to add more benefits as we receive them.

      Q: Whom do I contact if I have questions about membership?

      A: Please reach out to the designated contact provided in the benefits description for any issues.