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      We're excited to announce the format for the 2023 Redfish World Series

      Championship entry: $3,000

      2023 RWS winner will be taking home (1) 2023 F-250 & (1) Fully loaded Majek Reaper Approx. $200,000 Value 

      Dates & Format

      Monday, September 25, 2023 is RWS Media Day. Anglers will be expected to attend various events as scheduled. Advanced noticed will be provided.

      Tuesday, September 26, 2022 Captain's Banquet & Meeting. Attendance is mandatory. Doors open at 4:30 PM and will Close at 5:15 PM. There will be no admittance after 5:15 PM!

      Wednesday, September 27 - Tournament Day One
      Release by boat number. Bag Limit: Up to three (3) fish 20 - 27 inches – must weigh-in a minimum of one (1) fish, but can weigh-in a max of (3) on day 1

      Thursday, September 28 - Tournament Day Two
      Release by reverse boat number. Bag Limit: Up to four (4) fish 20 - 27 inches, if you weigh (1) fish day 1, and have no other fish bumped Day 1, you can weigh in a max of (4) on day 2. Cumulative weight over day one and two.

      Cumulative weight added to Divisional Weight to determine Divisional Team of the Year.
      Top half of the teams advance to Day Three

      Friday, September 29 - Tournament Day Three – Top Teams Competing. Weight back to zero. Release by standing order. Bag Limit: Up to four (4) fish 20 – 27 inches.
      Top ten (10) teams advance to Day Four

      Saturday, September 30 - Tournament Day Four – Top Teams Competing. Weight back to zero. Release by standing order. Bag Limit: Up to five (5) fish 20 – 27 inches.

      The winners of the final RWS round will be announced as the 2023 Redfish World Series Champions.