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      Mission: Professional Redfish League was designed to provide a platform for anglers, who share an appreciation of sport fishing and the preservation of our coastal environment, to compete in competitive fishing tournaments.

       The Professional Redfish League is an organization designed to build, grow, and unify the sport of competitive redfishing. It was created to build an infrastructure expressly for the unification and camaraderie of competitive redfish events. The supervision, management, and operations and its entire structure are under the direct control of its Board of Directors, whom design, develop and strategically configure the national competitive redfishing events, ensuring they are unprecedented and authentic. With a structure based on honesty, integrity, fair play, and professionalism in all matters, its sole purpose is building, promoting, and advancing the sport of competitive redfishing on a national level. This structure legitimizes the sport and the industry leaders that support it. The unified framework across all events utilizes the same rules, formats, measurement methods, weighing, payback structure, and production, thereby creating a truly level playing field for competitive redfish anglers across the country.

      The Professional Redfish League determines its champions through end-of-year standings and a systematic playoff championship, the Redfish World Series, which is comprised of four Divisions and a Grand Finale. Each Division holds three qualifying events annually. Qualified teams from four divisions remain for the Grand Finale of the Professional Redfish League season. The Redfish World Series is the Grand Finale every year; the biggest league sporting event in redfishing is where the Redfish World Series Champions are crowned. www.professionalredfishleague.com