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      The best of the best will compete individually making this tournament a unique format. On tournament day the angler competes against the fish, other anglers, and in some instances, themselves.

      What makes the tournament unique?
      Anglers must land their own fish - managing a fish and the net at the same time.
      Strategic decisions are made individually - the where, when, and how to fish.

      Boats launch from a designated launch site and return to the designated awards location to weigh in their bag.

      $750.00 Tournament Entry

      4 Events / 2 Days

      Tournament Dates:

      March 25 & 26 - Corpus Christi, TX

      May 20 & 21 - Grande Isle, LA

      July 8 & 9 - Freeport, TX

      September 16 & 17 - Hopedale, LA