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      All PRL tournaments are qualifiers for the year end PRL National Championship. Both anglers of a team must be members of the PRL prior to participating in any event in order to accumulate points towards PRL National Championship qualification. To qualify for the PRL National Championship you must fish a minimum of four (4) PRL events in any division.

      Here is how it works:

      1.) Only the top ten* teams of each event will receive points; 15 points for first, 13.5 for second, 12 for third, 10.5 for fourth, and so on decreasing by 1.5 points to tenth place at 1.5 points.

      * If a previously qualified team finishes in the top 10 PRL National Leader Board points will be awarded to the next team. Example: If Team AB finishes 7th and they have previously qualified for the PRL Championship, then Team BC in 8th place would be awarded 7th place PRL Championship points.

      2.) PRL National Championship Qualifying - Each Divisional TOY will receive an invitation to the year-end PRL National Championship. This is an invitation only and requires payment of an entry fee to participate. The National TOY will receive a Gold Ticket (paid invitation) to the PRL National Championship.

      3.) Points will accumulate as an intact team only and not as an individual.

      Example: Angler A and Angler B (Team AB) finish in 3rd place in an event. They have accumulated 12 points towards their Divisional and National standings. Then Angler A fishes another event with Angler C (Team AC) and they finish in third place in an event. Now Team AB has 12 points and Team AC has twelve points. Angler A was on both teams but still only has 12 points total because the points are attached to two different teams. At year end if teams AB and AC both have points sufficient to qualify for the PRL National Championship then Angler A would have to choose which partner he/she would fish with and the other would be out.