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      By invitation only, the best of the best will compete as a two (2) angler team. The top ten (10) teams from the 2021 Redfish World Series will be invited to the 2022 Excalibur Tour with first right of refusal. The remaining 15 spots to complete the 25 team field will come by invitation only from the top 2021 Championship Leader Board.

      In 2023, the 10 top point leading teams will remain and the balance will be invited by performance in the 2022 Professional Redfish League Redfish World Series.

      The payout will be the largest cash redfish tour payout in the nation.

      Sample 25 boat field per payout:
      $37,500 to First Place
      $20,000 to Second Place
      $10,000 to Third Place
      $4,000 To Fourth Place
      $3,500 to Fifth Place

      $3,000.00 Tournament Entry

      3 Events / 2 Days

      Tournament Dates:

      April 8 & 9 - Delacroix, Louisiana

      May 27 & 28 - Port Aransas, Texas

      August 5 & 6 - Houma, Louisiana

      7 Fish Limit over 2-Days

      25 Boat Max Field