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      RWS Information Overview

      IMPORTANT: We email and text information on a regular basis during the Redfish World Series. If you have opted-out of receiving these communications and wish to stay informed, please login to your Professional Redfish League account and update your marketing settings. If you have questions, please contact us.


      Captains’ Banquet & Meeting: Tuesday, September 26, 2023 | 5:00 PM

      Lake Charles Civic Center Contraband Room, 900 Lakeshore Dr, Lake Charles 

      Doors open at 4:30 PM and will close at 5:15 PM. There will be no admittance after 5:15 PM. Attendance is mandatory. On this day, anglers must be off the water by 2PM.


      Tournament Days: Wednesday, September 27 - Saturday, September 30

      Launch & Weigh-in location:

      Prien Lake Park
      3700 West Prien Lake Road
      Lake Charles, LA 70605

      Blastoff will be at safe-light or 7AM for all anglers each day unless delayed by weather or other unavoidable instance. A text will be sent each evening to reiterate the launch order and release time.

      Daily Tournament Format

      All fish accepted for weighing at the RWS will be a minimum of 20 inches and must not exceed 27 inches in length.

      Wednesday, September 27 - Day One

      Release by boat number. Bag Limit: Up to three (3) fish 20 - 27 inches – must weigh-in a minimum of one (1) fish but can weigh-in a max of (3) on Day 1.

      (If you zero Day 1, you are still permitted to fish Day 2, but the max you may bring in on Day 2 is 4 fish).

      Thursday, September 28 - Day Two

      Release by reverse boat number. Bag Limit: Up to four (4) fish 20 - 27 inches, if you weigh (1) fish day 1, and have no other fish bumped Day 1, you can weigh in a max of (4) on day 2. Cumulative weight over day one and two. Total (5) fish limit over the first two (2) days.

      Cumulative weight added to PRO Divisional Weight to determine PRO Divisional Team of the Year.

      Cumulative weight over day one and two determines the cut.

      Top half of the teams advance to Day 3

      Friday, September 29 - Day 3

      Top Half of Day 2 Teams Competing. Weight back to zero. Release by standing order. Bag Limit: Four (4) fish 20 – 27 inches.

      Top ten (10) teams advance to Day 4

      Saturday, September 30 - Final Day

      Top ten (10) Teams Competing. Weight back to zero. Release by standing order. Bag Limit: five (5) fish 20 – 27 inches.

      The winners of the final RWS round will be announced as the 2023 Redfish World Series Champions.

      The 2023 Official Redfish World Series Rules and Regulations are available on our website. Please be sure to read the rules and regulations in their entirety as you will be asked to verify that you have read, fully understand, and agree to abide by the rules and regulations during the registration process.

      For questions regarding the Rules and Regulations or Qualification please contact Ron Henne, Jr 361.438.7572